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Key Features

  • Gritty, coarse sand
  • Freely draining material

Key Features

  • Used in concrete
  • Paving
  • Adding into compost to break up clay soils

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Sharp Sand (Loose Load)

Laying block paving or patios? You’ll need the best quality sharp sand to give you a high level of strength, stability and for screeding purposes. 

£42.00 Per Tonne

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Laying block paving or patios? You’ll need the best quality sharp sand to give you a high level of strength and stability. 

What is the process of making it? 

Ground quartz rocks are used to make this type of sand. Sharp sand has a coarse, granular texture that is good for drainage.

Features and benefits of Sharp Sand

  • Also known as concreting sand, grit sand or coarse sand, sharp sand comes in sizes between 0-4mm, and is known for being a rough sand with a high percentage of large grains. 
  • Sharp sand has a high proportion of larger particles than other sand types, and typically has a gritty texture.  
  • Thanks to its low content of silt and clay, sharp sand is a free draining material.

Is Sharp Sand suitable for you?

This versatile sand can be used for laying paving and patio slabs, as well as for planting when mixed with peat and compost. It can also be used as a grass top dressing, making it a budget-friendly addition to any garden. And it can also be used to break up clay soil.

Place your order for Sharp Sand Loose Load

Here at Chargrace Soils, we’re an eco-friendly company who source products sustainably wherever possible. We’re able to deliver up to 20 sharp sand bulk bags with each delivery on our lorries, straight to your door. As a family-run company, we’re proud to serve locations across our local area of Kent, Sevenoaks and Bromley. 

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Topsoil delivered to your home in small or large quantities

Quality landscaping products designed and manufactured to the highest standard to make your garden not only beautiful but affordable. Simply choose your desired products from our extensive range and we will deliver straight to your door through bulk bag or loose load.

Commercial / Landscaping / Retail

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For our commercial customers we offer our full range of products in bulk. We offer several different delivery options for our commercial customers ranging from a single bulk bag to artic deliveries. Our clients include local authorities, house builders, commercial landscape contractors & the environment agency.

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