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Key Features

  • Blend of Sharp Sand and Gravel
  • Multi-purpose material

Suitable For

  • To create concrete
  • Path edges
  • Kerbs
  • Sub-bases

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Ballast (20mm)

Ballast brings you the very best in versatility and stability. As a blend of 5 - 20mm gravel and sharp sand, 20mm ballast is most commonly used to create concrete.

£59.00 Per Bulk Bag (850kg)

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Ballast brings you the very best in versatility and stability. As a blend of 5 – 20mm gravel and sharp sand, 20mm ballast is most commonly used to create concrete, though it can also be used for sub-bases, foundations and footings, making it a multi-purpose material that you can rely on for many applications. 

Ballast is typically formed of crushed stone. However, less suitable materials such as burnt clay have been used historically. Here at Chargrace Soils, we offer high-quality ballast in any volume as part of our aggregate range, either in bulk bags or as loose load

Ballast: Features & Benefits

Ballast has a wide array of applications, features and benefits, including: 

  • Superb multi-purpose material 
  • A blend of gravel and sharp sand 
  • Durable, hard-wearing and therefore cost effective 
  • Excellent as a component in the creation of concrete mixes, increasing the strength of concrete  
  • Perfect for construction projects where gaps or voids need to be filled in, or for building foundations 
  • Useful in domestic applications such as driveway sub-bases, paving, bedding or creating paths 
  • Naturally sourced aggregate which can result in different colours and textures
  • Can be delivered in any volume for your convenience 

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How much Ballast do I need?

Each project will require a different amount of ballast. As a general rule, you will need around 1750 – 1800 kg per cubic metre squared of concrete, though it’s always worth over-ordering slightly to give yourself some flexibility. 

For a more accurate estimate of how much ballast you need based on the dimensions of your project, check out our handy aggregate calculator. While this is not a precise amount, it will give you a clearer picture of the volume you might require – and our friendly team is also on hand to advise. 

Order Ballast bulk bags online today

Here at Chargrace Soils, we’re here to make it easy for you to get the aggregates you need, when you need them. That’s why we provide ballast bulk bags or loose, tipped ballast that can be delivered directly to your doorstep. 

As one of the area’s most trusted providers of building materials, you can count on us for prompt delivery of your ballast bulk bag to our local areas of Kent, Bromley and Sevenoaks. Simply order online today or give us a call for further information. 


Topsoil delivered to your home in small or large quantities

Quality landscaping products designed and manufactured to the highest standard to make your garden not only beautiful but affordable. Simply choose your desired products from our extensive range and we will deliver straight to your door through bulk bag or loose load.

Commercial / Landscaping / Retail

Fast, easy delivery for your commercial project

For our commercial customers we offer our full range of products in bulk. We offer several different delivery options for our commercial customers ranging from a single bulk bag to artic deliveries. Our clients include local authorities, house builders, commercial landscape contractors & the environment agency.

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