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  • Lining landfill sites
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Puddle Clay (Loose Load)

Benefit from high-quality puddling clay for your project.

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Benefit from high-quality puddling clay for your project.

Here at Chargrace Soils, we’re a leading supplier of landscaping and construction materials for Sevenoaks, Kent and beyond. This includes puddle clay for industrial applications with the option for bulk bags.

What’s it used for?

Puddle clay has been used for hundreds of years, mainly as lining for reservoir and canal construction. Cattle would be herded onto the puddle clay base to compress (or ‘puddle’) the clay to create a strong waterproof barrier.
In recent times, the clay has also been used for lining landfill sites to prevent the harmful leaching process.

What will the puddling clay be like?

Depending on the weather, this product could be wet or dry when dug up and extracted, Because the clay is not pre-hydrated, it may be necessary to add water to achieve the desired plasticity for your project.
Please note, this product is not suitable for use as pottery clay or modelling clay.

Order puddling clay online today

Simply use our easy online system to place your order of puddling clay today. For many years, our clients have enjoyed straightforward ordering and delivery of products to get their project off the ground.

From large-scale commercial projects all the way to home DIY tasks, our materials have been the affordable starting point for customers across the local area and beyond.

Please get in touch to place an order to find out more.

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Topsoil delivered to your home in small or large quantities

Quality landscaping products designed and manufactured to the highest standard to make your garden not only beautiful but affordable. Simply choose your desired products from our extensive range and we will deliver straight to your door through bulk bag or loose load.

Commercial / Landscaping / Retail

Fast, easy delivery for your commercial project

For our commercial customers we offer our full range of products in bulk. We offer several different delivery options for our commercial customers ranging from a single bulk bag to artic deliveries. Our clients include local authorities, house builders, commercial landscape contractors & the environment agency.

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