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Key Features

  • Cost-effective quality soil
  • Multi-sourced
  • Screened to 20mm

Key Features

  • Levelling
  • Divot filling
  • Cost-effective soil choice for landscapers and homeowners

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Lawnscape (Loose Load)

Here at Chargrace Soils, we’re proud to stock Lawnscape economy topsoil for those who are seeking quality soil for a lower price.

£19.20 Per Tonne

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Here at Chargrace Soils, we’re proud to stock Lawnscape economy topsoil for those who are seeking quality soil for a lower price. It has fast become one of our most popular products, thanks to being the perfect balance of excellent quality and being friendly to your pocket.  

Lawnscape soil is a multi-sourced product that provides a cost-effective alternative for landscapers and homeowners – and we treat our economy soils with the same care and attention that we give our premium soils.

Our Lawnscape is a good grade general-purpose sandy loam with excellent drainage and balanced nutrient levels that is screened to 20mm and blended from natural soils, inert single source sands and organic PAS100 compost (the British Standard for composts).

Small stones, primarily a mix of sandstone and iron stone pellets, could be expected in an economy soil as a natural bi-product of the inert sands utilised.

Where is Lawnscape Topsoil used?

When a premium soil is overspecified, a good quality budget-priced soil is often employed in the landscape trade for a wide range of general landscaping applications. Screened to 20mm, Lawnscape soil is used by everyone from professional landscapers all the way to keen gardeners looking for some affordable in-fill soil.

Lawnscape Topsoil delivery across Kent, Bromley and Sevenoaks

Our bespoke delivery vehicles are here to deliver Lawnscape Topsoil directly to your site for an easy, affordable service in the local areas of Kent, Bromley and Sevenoaks. 

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Topsoil delivered to your home in small or large quantities

Quality landscaping products designed and manufactured to the highest standard to make your garden not only beautiful but affordable. Simply choose your desired products from our extensive range and we will deliver straight to your door through bulk bag or loose load.

Commercial / Landscaping / Retail

Fast, easy delivery for your commercial project

For our commercial customers we offer our full range of products in bulk. We offer several different delivery options for our commercial customers ranging from a single bulk bag to artic deliveries. Our clients include local authorities, house builders, commercial landscape contractors & the environment agency.

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