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Which Bark Do I Need? 

Whether you’re building a flower bed or putting down padding for a play area, bark mulch can be your best friend. But with many types to choose from, selecting the right one for your needs requires a bit of thought. 

What is bark? 

Also known as bark mulch, bark is made from tree bark and formed of waste material produced from sawmills and other industries that use wood in their operations. It is sold in small chippings or flakes and comes from a variety of different trees, each with their own aesthetics and properties. 

What is bark used for? 

Bark has many useful applications for landscaping and gardening projects. Celebrated for their earthy, decorative finish that brings any outdoor space to life, they’re also rich in nutrients and help regulate soil temperature, both superb traits for supporting plant growth. Applying bark also helps to reduce evaporation by pretty significant amounts, decreasing your water usage. But by far the biggest advantage of bark mulch is that it acts as an excellent weed suppressant, allowing you to take more control over your garden. 

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What types of bark are there? 

There are many types of bark suitable for all kinds of different purposes. Hardwood Play Mulch works well for children’s play areas, Ornamental Bark works for those stunning finishing touches, Landscaping Bark which combines white wood and ornamental bark works for those seeking a professional finish, and also Woodland Mulch which is an affordable product perfect for beds and borders. 

Which bark is best for dogs? 

As a soft surface for dogs, bark can be a favourable landscaping feature for your furry friends. Most bark mulches are safe and non-toxic for dogs, but there are a couple of choices that can be toxic when consumed, including eucalyptus bark, chemically-treated bark and also bark made from salvaged wood, simply because you often don’t know what went into creating it. To make sure that the bark you choose is suitable for dogs, the best thing to do is ask your supplier for details. 

Which bark is best for a play area? 

Safe and natural-looking, there’s a reason why bark is a commonly-used material for play areas. However, you will need to make sure that you choose barks that have been designed for the purpose of being a protective surface. They must also be tested to BS EN 1177:2008 in order to be deemed a child-safe surface. Here at Chargrace Soils, we provide specialist Hardwood Play Bark which has been tested to these stringent safety standards for use in play areas. 

Which bark is best for decoration? 

If you’re just using bark for decorative purposes, and pet safety concerns are not an issue, then you have access to an array of bark products. For example, our Ornamental Bark is made primarily from spruce and strikes the right balance between versatility and beauty. Your choice regarding which bark to use for decoration also entirely depends on the aesthetic appearance you’re opting for, so it’s always worth browsing through your options to get the right colours and tones that appeal to you. 

If you’re searching for top-quality bark mulch delivered directly to your door, get in touch with Chargrace Soils today. As a leading provider of soils, aggregates and bark, we make sure you get the best product for your project. Simply contact us for more advice today.

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