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Topsoil: A Comprehensive Guide

Topsoil is a core ingredient for many gardening, planting and landscaping projects. It is the naturally formed upper layer of soil, and is often richer in organic matter and nutrients compared to other naturally formed layers. 

Topsoil is also available to buy from trusted landscaping suppliers. But with different types of topsoil available, which are suitable for your project? 

In this in-depth guide, we’ll take you through the types of topsoil and how you can use them to your advantage. 

Types of topsoil 

Topsoil is typically divided into three different grades: 

  • Premium grade

You can expect to pay a little more for this grade, and for good reason. High in fertility, this topsoil is usually loamy and has fantastic structure. This makes it useful to establish new flower beds and for growing fruit and veg. 

  • General-purpose grade

This all-round high-quality topsoil is ideal for new beds and borders, for laying turf and as a top dressing, when a finer type is selected. 

  • Economy grade

The most inexpensive type of soil, it’s generally unscreened and used for applications that require a large volume of ground to be filled.

Simply ask your chosen supplier for advice on the best topsoil for your needs. 

What is screened topsoil? 

Screened topsoil is topsoil that has been filtered or ‘screened’ through mesh in order to ensure the particles are a specific and consistent size. Screening also removes larger bits of dirt, stones and other debris from the soil.

By ensuring the topsoil contains a uniform particle size and consistent soil structure through screening, more efficient water flow and nutrient distribution can be facilitated. This makes screened topsoil an excellent choice for gardening and landscaping projects. 

Should I use topsoil or compost? 

Perhaps you’re wondering what goes first, compost or topsoil? Or maybe you’re unsure about whether topsoil or compost should be used for certain applications. 

Both topsoil and compost are used for gardens and beds, and both are used for providing nutrients and organic matter. As a general rule, topsoil refers to the naturally-formed top layer of soil, containing a mix of organic matter, nutrients and minerals. 

On the other hand, compost is man-made and is formed from the breakdown of organic matter, making it incredibly rich in nutrients and an excellent fertiliser. This makes it more suited for potted plants that require intensive bursts of nutrients. 

Mixing both compost and topsoil together can achieve a good result, as can adding a layer of compost over topsoil. Both techniques can work to give roots a stable yet nutrient-rich place to establish plants in raised beds, for example. 

Choosing the right type of topsoil for your project

To get the best results from your project, you need to choose the right type of topsoil. 

  • What is the best topsoil for outdoor containers?

Most topsoil is generally not advised for containers or pots, and you’re better off selecting a potting mix. Premium topsoil can sometimes be included in a compost mix for potted plants, thanks to its excellent fertility. 

  • Which topsoil is best for growing plants?

Either general-purpose or premium topsoil mixed with a little compost is great for raised beds and plants that grow outside of containers. Screened topsoil and loamy topsoil are particularly good for plant growth, so look out for these qualities. 

  • What is the best topsoil for an outdoor garden?

A loam textured soil is best for an outdoor garden. Economy topsoil is ideal for projects where a larger volume of soil is required, or when you are levelling turf – essentially any occasion when volume matters more than quality. Higher grades of topsoil can then be laid over the top to give the soil a boost of nutrients, if you wish. 

Always double-check by doing your own research before purchasing to make sure you’re buying the right topsoil for the right application. 

How much topsoil do I need?

The amount of topsoil you require will depend entirely on the scope, size and application involved in your project. It is always wiser to over-order slightly so you don’t run out. 

For a rough estimate of how much topsoil your project needs, check out our handy aggregate calculator. Simply choose the material type (in this case, topsoil) and enter the dimensions of the space it needs to fill. Click calculate, and our calculator will generate an estimate to help you purchase more accurately. 

How to buy topsoil

Topsoil should be purchased from a trustworthy high-quality supplier who can provide topsoil in a quantity of your choice. 

For flexibility, it’s also wise to choose a company who can supply in both loose-tipped and bulk bagged soil depending on your project needs. 

And for ultimate convenience, you’ll want to select a supplier who can deliver the topsoil directly to your door so that your project can get started right away. 

Here at Chargrace Soils, our topsoil is hand-chosen for quality to ensure it adheres to BS-3882. Wherever you are in Kent, we’ll supply topsoil and other landscaping materials in any quantity, using our bespoke vehicles to deliver straight to your site. With bulk bags or loose options available, you can sit back and enjoy a simple service from Chargrace Soils. Get in touch today – or buy online!

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